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When you look at pictures of Sylvia Duque it is hard to believe that she has been competing for seven years. It is even harder to believe that she is 52 years old!

2007 was her first year as Figure competitor. Within 2 years of competing she was ready for “the switch” from figure to bodybuilding which took her to Nationals in Pittsburgh.  This indeed was a competitor we are going to be hearing a lot about.  So with that in mind let's find out a little more about this dynamic bundle of Texas muscle!

Was it always your intention to compete?

"The intention was there YES! And wish I could have found someone to introduce me to this sport earlier. Things really started for me after I attended a bodybuilding show here in Houston where I was shocked to see Ronnie Coleman as guest poser. Then I saw the beautiful girls who walked around the auditorium holding their trophies... I wanted to look like that so bad and kept wondering how in the world you can get your body so ripped and toned?  

I believe you have a nutritionist as well as a important is it to you to have outside help in this respect as many bodybuilders choose to go it alone....

"I don't consider them ONLY as Nutritionist and Trainer, I consider both as mentors and true advisors. We are a team and I have learned that people with positive advice and attitude bring you to be positive and help you reach goals. I can't say enough about Keith Klein or the chosen trainer. They are both amazing and experienced.

"I am a fanatic when it comes to this sport but by no means do I have the years of experience they both have. I do respect the ones that choose to do it alone but at some point in their life I am sure they also had the same help."

How many years do you see yourself continuing to compete?

"My goal as any other competitor is to get a Pro card.  Being this my 7th year competing takes me off the amateur crowd and moreso that I now compete in “ALL Natural” with INBA would make me so proud and from there I would think it is a given that I would just keep going. Continuing to stay in shape and being motivational to other people. I know I'm already there because of the compliments I get from females who want to have my arms and legs! And here I thought I had chicken!"

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to competing in the bodybuilding rather than the figure class?

"I would love to be known as a ‘brick house' bodybuilder! That would just say I'm a tough, mean and lean jamming bean! But throughout the years I have learned it would take a rough change for me to continue within this division.  For so, 2012 has been a year of switching from bbder to Physique and back to Figure Division again!  I’d like to stay at a Fitness model with a well define look and do want to catch people's attention when I am on stage and have a different look. As a figure competitor I always wanted to give my best and I think as a bodybuilder I want a tougher look but keeping it feminine at same time."

When can we expect to see you on stage?

"I love this question! It’s a NEW year 2013, new dreams and plans come to mind and my mentor has already decided I belong on stage as soon as April. I will be fighting for my title at the INBA El Paso, TX show.  It is set in stone so it's training at hard core… I’m on a mission now!."


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